Experience & Quality

Assembly Systems

Klein Tools Fish Tape Assembly System

Leading Edge retrofitted two older machines to add new part types to the system.
A new third system was purchased to accommodate an increase in production. The third system included:

  • Two Fanuc Robots
  • Seven AB servos
  • Interface to a Laser Marking System
  • Automatic Screw Gun System
  • Good Part Verification and Reject Part Containment

The new system runs 30% faster than the older cells with an uptime increase of 25%.

Robotic Depal and Oven Load and Unload System

Leading Edge installed two systems to handle glass jars through and printer to a curing oven and oven unload system.
The system included:

  • Three Fanuc Robots
  • Multiple material handling conveyors with part accumulation
  • Interface to a printer infeed / outfeed system
  • Load on the fly, moving conveyor, from the infeed conveyor to the oven conveyor

The system is able to load the oven with more product and more repeatable than the previous manual load system.

Palletizing Systems

Kisko Products Material Handling, Box Loading, Palletizing

leading Edge Installed and automated System designed to packing product into boxes, convey overhead to a Robotic palletizing system and automatically palletize boxes into various packing patterns onto skids The system consisted of 7 fillers with 3 palletizing systems included:

  • Three ABB Robots
  • Six Up/Down Elevators for boxed product
  • Multiple product transfer conveyors
  • Automatic Skid Depalletize units
  • Interface to Fillers
  • Good Part Verification and Reject Part Containment

The new system can produce 25% more product than the previous manual operations.